Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back in Colorado

I am back training in Colorado Springs for the summer. After 3 big races in a row I figured it was time to get back into some training. I love racing, but after a long stint on the road I can't quite decide if I am exhausted from all the racing or out-of-shape from all the taper and travel.

We triathletes are a neurotic lot.

So after an easy week of rest and hanging out with some old friends from home (and a couple of great bottles of current obsession is Papillion from Orin Swift in Napa -definitely check it out if you like big Reds) it's back to pounding the pavement for the 16 weeks till my Kona build up. Although now it is more like pounding the dirt since I like to do most of my training on trails when I am in Colorado. I have a love/hate relationship with the mountains; the altitude absolutely kills me but I LOVE the trails and scenery. Cliff (my coach/fiancee/training partner Cliff English) and I headed up into Rocky Mountain National Park for an epic cyclocross ride this weekend. The best part is we rode straight from our door into the complete wilderness. There is a great website, , that lists guides for trails all over the country so we found a route and packed some gear, and plenty of Powerbars, and set out from the Santa Fe trail north of CS up to Mount Herman Rd in Monument and up over Rampart Road to Woodland Park and back to the Springs. The trail was a little rough but manageable even with my limited cyclocross abilities and the views from 9000 ft were spectacular. A long run around Rampart Reservoir the next morning (15mile trail around the res at 9000ft...ouch) completed the weekend. If they ever make a trail Ironman I would definitely be in.

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