Friday, October 10, 2008


Well it's tough being here in Kona and not racing but I am making the best of it :)

I have been swimming in the ocean every day here--taking full advantage of the warm water (actually any water, really, since we have just moved to the middle of the desert). Kona race week is really crazy--totally different to last year when I hid out and rested up for the big dance. Pre-race week is a lot more fun when you are able to attend all the sponsor events and parties! Of course tomorrow is race day, and that will be the toughest part - hearing the gun go off and still being on the sidelines. I am heading out on the course to be a spotter for the race, so I'll get to follow the leaders and watch the race up close. I figured if I was coming to Kona then I wanted to learn something in the process. I'll also be doing some commentating for, so I'll be seeing a very different side of the event this year. It should be an awesome race : Macca and Chrissie look fit and ready to defend, but there are plenty of challengers that should make it pretty exciting. All I can say is that I can't wait to get back out there next year.



Stephen Armes said...

Enjoy Kona from a different side this year and take care of that injury! Please tell Brian Enge hello for me...and give him a hard time.

Steve Armes

Thierry said...

Hi Sam. I didn't know about the injury and was looking all over the ironman website yesterday to see what was going on with you. I'm sorry to hear about it.

Having briefly met you last fall in New York at cadence cycling during the final selection for the Kona challenge, I know enough to understand your devastation. But Kona will be there next year, and the year after that. However, I can tell you that an Achilles tendon injury can be catastrophique if not dealt with appropritely. If it snaps, it can be a real rough ride to recovery, if it recovers at all. So you definatley took the right decision (even if from what I read it wasn't much of a hard one).

On the other hand, you're in Hawaii!!!! Even if you're not racing, you're in Hawaii!!! It's definatley one of my favorite places on this planet. And from the looks of things, hanging out in those warm waters drinking what I hope is that awesome Kona coffee looks pretty extra. That's what the smile on your face tells me anyways.

I really hope you had a great week in Kona. Wishing you the best and foremost, 110% recovery for that tendon. Cheers!

Thierry Tremblay, QC, Canada

PS: Pretty cool Zoot shoe!!!

petey4kids said...

Dear Sam,
My name is Pete! I am biking across the country this summer for Children's heart Foundation (WA to ME) and am also writing a kids book regarding sports nutrition and cycling! I am including endurance athletes that do Ironman competitions and would love to include someone as elite as yourself for kids to read about! Please email me so i get in contact with you!! :)
Best alway- Pete